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Distributorship Program


If you are interested in becoming a distributor for NovaVision's products, here are the requirements:

  1. Your company must purchase a minimum of $2500.00 of product annually from NovaVision.
  2. Your company must be an established reseller which can bring NEW sales growth to NovaVision.
  3. We will recommend market pricing (published internet prices) and you can expext to recieve a 10-20% discount off these prices. Manufactured products will yield 20%, resale items that are lower margin or commoditized may be closer to 10%.
  4. You must maintain your account within the specified payment terms.
  5. To maintain your distributor status, you must actively promote NovaVision's products to continually grow your overall purchases each year.

Existing Distributors Annual Update/Forecast

Copy and paste the contents of this section into an email. We typically will do this in October-December timeframe for planning purposes. You must respond to all items.

Send the email to your assigned sales representative.

NovaVision re-evaluates our existing distributor relationships annually. If you are an existing distributor, you must provide this information annually to maintain your re-seller pricing levels:

  1. What NovaVision product(s) is your company buying?
  2. What are your projections to grow the business for NovaVision's products next year?
    NOTE: If you failed to meet last year's minimum purchase goal, we may begin to invoice you at the published internet prices.
  3. What actions is your company taking to promote NovaVision's products?
  4. What can NovaVision do to help you increase your sales of our products?

Approval Process

Distributor pricing is only granted by written approval from Dave Duvall and is in effect for all purchases from the date of written approval.

For new distributors, please allow 2 weeks for processing your request.

Contact Information

Mike Shaffer Dave Duvall
Sales Manager
(800) 336-6636 ext 4202
email: dduvall@novavisioninc.com
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