ID Card Overlays

Product Overview

Using a clear id overlay (film laminate) on a digitally printed ID card protects the inks from excessive abrasion and wear, which extends the card life. The overlays presented here are "peel and stick" transparent labels which are manually affixed after the ID card is printed. The size of the overlay is slightly smaller than a standard CR -80 PVC ID card.

Adding a hologram to the clear ID overlay will enhance the security of your ID cards. Clear ID overlays prevent alterations to the ID card information and combats copying or duplicating the ID card. The hologram image is seen only at certain viewing angles, which allows visibility of the underlying ID card information and photo.

Below is a summary of our manually-applied overlay products and pricing for a typical order of 1000 units for both stock and custom versions.

Clear ID overlays with a stock holographic patterns are an affordable option to enhance security for your ID cards. However, since these stock patterns are available to the general public, custom holographic overlays are recommended for higher security applications.

Our best security value is a custom holographic ID overlay. Your custom text or logo is imprinted with transparent holographic foil to create custom security a very affordable price.

For large volume ID card applications, plain and holographic overlays are available which can be machine applied by the ID card printer. Please call for more info. Click here for more information on ID card machines which can apply the overlays.

Hologram Overlays

G5.1 Clear ID Overlays

Protect digitally printed ID cards with clear ID card overlays. These help extend the life of id cards by protecting the inks from excessive abrasion and wear. Peel and stick design for easy application.

Hologram Overlays

G5.2 Stock Holographic ID Overlays

Prevent copying and duplication of ID cards by adding a holographic overlay. These tamper evident overlays self destruct when removed (leaving a residue pattern) to prevent reuse on other id cards. Choose from 8 stock designs. Peel and stick design for easy application.

Hologram Overlays

G5.3 Custom Origination Holographic Overlays

Provide the most security for your company, employees and customers from fake ID badges with custom hologram overlays. These custom holographic overlays allow for high quality and complex graphics to maximize security against counterfeiting. Designed for high security applications.

custom security

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