Product Packaging Labels, Promotional Labels, and Food Packaging Labels

From prime labels and promotional labels to variable data and thermal transfer labels, we help reduce production costs and boost revenue.

Our advanced digital and flexographic printing technologies enable us to produce labels in various colors, shapes, and sizes, accommodating both large and small runs. Our expertise ensures that even with budget constraints, you never compromise on quality. We offer a wide range of printing services beyond standard labels, including instant redeemable coupons (IRCs), variable QR code labels, cover-up labels, fluorescent labels, and thermal transfer labels/ribbons. Our extensive experience allows us to guide you through material selection, ensuring your labels are effective and appealing

Choose PrimeSource, acquired by NovaVision in 2023, for your next label project and know why we are the trusted resource for custom labels.

Cover Up Labels

Our cover up labels offer a cost-effective solution for concealing outdated or incorrect information on packaging without the expense of reprinting. Engineered with opacity and adhesive strength to seamlessly blend with various surfaces, they maintain product integrity while providing a professional finish..

Cover up label applied to cover up barcode

Fluorescent Labels

For optimal visibility in low-light environments or when attention-grabbing cues are necessary, fluorescent labels are indispensable. Available in standard and custom neon hues, they facilitate efficient inventory management and ensure critical instructions are clearly communicated.

Flourescent label applied to cardboard box

Blank Labels

Our blank labels are compatible with major printer brands and are ideal for in-house printing and customization. Crafted from high-quality materials, our thermal transfer and direct thermal options guarantee reliable performance and superior print clarity, meeting diverse labeling requirements with ease.

Rolls of blank labels

Prime Labels

Our prime labels are engineered to endure rigorous transportation and storage conditions while maintaining an impeccable appearance. Trusted by industry leaders, these customizable labels are tailored to showcase your brand's identity and product information with clarity and durability.

Prime label applied to blister packaging

Variable Data Labels

Enhance traceability and marketing effectiveness with variable data labels. Featuring serialization, 2D barcodes, and dynamic imagery capabilities, these labels empower businesses to track products throughout the supply chain while offering unique branding opportunities for targeted marketing campaigns.

Variable data labels applied to products

Double-Sided Labels

Double-sided labels maximize packaging real estate by offering ample space for essential product information, branding elements, and regulatory compliance details. Perfect for retail environments, these labels ensure maximum visibility and engagement with consumers.

Roll of double sided labels

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