Custom Hologram Design Options

Combat counterfeiting with a custom hologram. We offer a variety of custom design options to fit your security needs and budget.

We offer fast service. All custom holograms are designed and produced at our secure facility in Ohio. Unlike some other USA-based hologram companies, we do NOT subcontract the hologram design and label production to India or China, which delays delivery and compromises security.

Also, we register your custom image with the International Hologram Manufacturer’s Association (IHMA) to minimize the chance of another reputable hologram manufacturer from inadvertently replicating your custom image.

Custom holograms also enhance your company image and shelf appeal of your product.

Custom Hologram Origination

All custom holograms are tamper evident and include your logo and graphics embedded in the hologram.

Typical Orders and Pricing

  • The initial order includes the custom hologram design (which is a one-time expense) + 5000 finished labels
    • Ready to ship dates are from proof approval and receipt of down payment
  • The typical reorder pricing shown includes 5,000 finished labels (1,000/roll)
  • The finished label quantity on the initial order or any reorder can be customized; quantity discounts are available
  • Choose from over 30 stock label sizes which .95"x.95" or less; other custom sizes are optional
  • The standard custom hologram is silver metallic; other options include colored metallic and transparent
  • Pricing excludes shipping and customs/duties
Design Package





Initial Order -- Price $2,295 $3,195 $5,095 Call
Ready to Ship 3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Typical Reorder -- Price $1,095 $1,095 $1,095 Call
Ready to Ship 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 3 weeks
Description -- Includes your logo and custom graphics Affordable, Basic Design More Colorful and Complicated Design Added Covert (Hidden) Features Added High Security Features
Maximum Label Size .95" x .95" -- Choose from 11 stock sizes
Optional Larger Sizes Square, Rectangle, Circle, Oval
IHMA registered
Microtext (12x)*
Simulated 2D/3D
Dot Matrix
Kinetic Motion
Resolution (DPI) 1,000 1,000 5,000 5,000
Nanotext (75x)*
Static Covert Laser Reveal **
Choose 1
Covert Floating Text ***
Micro images (12x)* Optional
Animated Covert Laser Reveal ** Optional
Optional High Resolution 20,000
Serial numbering (Black Ink) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Covert Text/Numbers (Fluorescing Ink) **** Optional Optional Optional Optional
Other Custom Features & Designs (See Below) Optional Optional Optional Optional

* Minimum Magnification Required to View
** Viewable with Laser Pen/Pointer
*** Viewable with Mobile Phone Flashlight
**** Viewable with Black Light

Call us as we have many options to choose from to fit your security and budgetary needs.

Layered Features and Customizations for Added Security

For projects requiring more security, we can add more options and more layers of security to your labels/product.

As a manufacturer, we have the capability to add any of these additional security features:

  • 1. Additional Security Features in the Custom Hologram Origination

    The primary benefit of added holographic features is that there is only an initial cost for the master image. Production costs are the same.

    • 1a. Hidden text/image/logo
      • Microtext (requires 12.5x magnification to read)
      • Nanotext (requires 75x magnification to read)
    • 1b. Covert laser readable image (visible with laser pen)
    • 1c. Other special visible effects
      • Switch 'white'
      • True color
      • 2-channel (image changes based on viewing angle)
  • 2. Printed serial numbers (consecutive or random)
    • black or colored inks
    • hidden fluorescing inks, but visible in black light
    • laser etched into the label film
    • laser ablated, which removes portions of the silver hologram (leaving clear film)
  • 3. Printed Inks
    • translucent or opaque
    • multiple spot PMS colors
    • printed microtext
  • 4. Printed Specialty Inks
    • color shifting inks
    • taggants (stock or custom)
    • hidden fluorescing inks, but visible in black light
    • reversible thermo-chromic inks
  • 5. Custom tamper evident patterns
    • for small or large projects
  • 6. Holographic materials
    • fully metalized (shiny silver)
    • partially metalized (gray translucent hologram)
    • transparent (high refractive index)

Stock Label Sizes

The most popular stock label sizes are detailed below. This is not a complete listing of all the stock tools, so please call if you want another size.

Availability of these stock sizes and shapes may be limited to specific web layouts or specific adhesives for die cutting:

Stock Label Sizes for Tamper Evident Labels:

Shape Size Tool Code
Square* .75 inch A1-40-MD051
Square* .85 inch A1-40-MD059
Square* .95 inch A1-40-MD043
Square 1.375 inch A2-40-MD149
Square 1.95 inch A2-40-MD032
Barbell* .38 in x .95 A3-40-MD064
Circle* .55 inch diameter A3-40-RD094 (2x)
Circle* .75 inch diameter A3-40-MD022 (2x)
Circle* .95 inch diameter A3-40-MD020 (2x)
Circle 1.18 inch diameter A2-40-MD143
Circle 1.25 inch diameter A2-40-MD067
Circle 1.6 inch diameter A2-40-MD092
Rectangle* .25 inch x 1.25 inch A1-40-MD056
Rectangle .43 inch x 2.5 inch B3-40-RD66
Rectangle .45 inch x 1 inch A1-40-MD026
Rectangle* .50 inch x .625 inch A3-40-RD095 (2x)
Rectangle .50 inch x 5.0 inch A3-40-MD065
Rectangle* .75 inch x 1.125 inch A1-40-MD087
Rectangle .75 inch x 1.5 inch A2-40-MD018
Rectangle 1 inch x 1.5 inch A3-40-MD012
Rectangle 1 inch x 1.95 inch A2-40-MD006
Rectangle 3.5 inch x 5 inch A5-40-MD045
Oval* .375 inch x .75 inch A3-40-MD014 (4x)
Oval 1 inch x 3 inch A3-40-MD015
Oval 1.375 in x .88 inch A1-40-MD073

* These label sizes are included in the package price. The other stock sizes are available, but the label price is higher.

Please call for pricing for any of the above additional customizations.

Jeff Gerwin: 419-354-1427 x4226

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