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Tamper Evident Pallet Labels

Product Overview

Pallet label tamperedThieves typically remove the original banding, remove product, then replace the packing and banding.

To protect your palletized product, just peel and stick a tamper evident pallet label and affix it onto the crimps, which connect the pallet strapping. A typical pallet has a minimum of two crimps. All crimps should have labels.

Our tamper evident labels for pallet strapping are our most affordable system for combating tampering and pilfering of palletized product.

Each pallet label features a unique serial number. For added security, record the serial numbers on the bill of lading.

Removing the label will reveal a hidden message to self-void the label. Our tamper evident pallet labels are specially constructed to show the hidden VOID message even on difficult surfaces, such as stretch wrap and shrink film.

A visual inspection protocol is essential to achieve the maximum effectiveness. The receiver should verify the label serial numbers and looks for other signs of obvious tampering. Crimps without pallet labels would also be a sign of tampering.

Our pallet labels are suitable for indoor or outdoor conditions.

Stock Pallet Labels are available in red with unique serial numbers printed on the surface.

Customized labels provide more security. We can include your custom logo, text and serial numbers on the stock label. Black is the stock imprint color, but we have other optional colors.

For additional customizations, we can also customize the colors, the hidden message, label size and configuration.

For added security, use our ToppClip™ system as an added security seal on the pallet.

Installation Instructions

  1. Prior to affixing the pallet label, prepare the pallet:
    • As needed to prevent pilfering of one carton from the pallet, use cardboard panels or wood panels on the sides, top and bottom. Other options include shrink wrap, stretch wrap, or a plastic bag.
    • As needed to prevent shifting loads, prepare the pallet with stretch wrap, banding, edge protectors and banding protectors.
  2. The pallet surface and crimp must be free of dust, moisture, oil, grease or other contaminants
  3. The minimum application temperature is 45°F
  4. Remove the pallet label slowly from the silicone-coated backer material. Removing the label quickly may cause the label to pre-maturely show the hidden VOID message.
  5. Affix the label over the metal crimp. For best results, follow the contour on the sides of the crimp so the label is in full contact with the pallet surface.

Pallet Labels on Pallet

Stock Pallet Security Labels

Pallet Security Labels, 1 x 4 in, Red, Rolls of 250 or 1,000, XS343B-29RESN

Pallet Security Seal

Each label features a unique serial number, which is printed in black ink.

Ready To Ship: Same Day (Order by 2pm EST)

Sold in Rolls of 250 labels or 1000 labels.

pallet security label

Add to Cart Code: XS343B-29RESN-250 (Roll of 250)

Add to Cart Code: XS343B-29RESN (Roll of 1,000)

Pricing Information
Qty (Rolls) 1 5 10 20
Rolls of 250 $62.50 (No Price Breaks)
Rolls of 1,000 $200 $170 $150 Call
Film Material Polyester
Thickness 1 mil (0.001 in)
Tamper Evident Message VOID OPENED
Color Red
Imprint Color Black
Adhesive Material Permanent Acrylic
Min. Application Temperature 45°F
Service Temperature (After Applied) -40°F to +180°F
  • Roll of 250: 0.5105 lbs
  • Roll of 1000: 1.550 lbs

Pallet Security Labels, 8.5 x 8.5 in, Red, Packs of 50, PAL-S343B-430RE-50

Pallet Security Seal

Large tamper evident label for protecting strapping / banding on pallets and crates. Each label features four matching serial numbers. Installs quickly; no special tools required – just peel and stick. Apply to the top of pallet where banding intersects. Label surface is receptive to writing using most marker pens and some ink pens.

Ready To Ship: Same Day (Order by 2pm EST)

Pricing (sold in packs of 50 seals)
Seal Quantity 50 500 1000
Pack Quantity 1 10 20
Price/seal: $2.75 $2.60 -call-
Price/pack: $137.50 $130.00 -call-
Total Price: $137.50 $1,300.00 -call-

pallet security label

Add to Cart
Code: PAL-S343B-430RE-50 (Pack of 50)

Film Material Polyester
Thickness 2 mil (0.002 in)
Tamper Evident Message VOID OPENED
Color Red
Imprint Color Text: White
Serial Number: Black
Adhesive Material Hot Melt
Min. Application Temperature +50°F
Service Temperature (After Applied) -40°F to +180°F
Weight 0.955 lbs
Installation Instructions

1. Prepare the pallet (or crate)

  • As needed to prevent pilfering of one carton, use cardboard panels, or wood panels on the sides, bottom and top. Other options include shrink wrap, stretch wrap, and/or a plastic bag.
  • As needed to prevent shifting loads during shipping, secure the pallet with stretch wrap, strapping, edge protectors, and/or strap protectors.

2. Apply banding

  • Plastic or metal banding is acceptable
  • Position banding crimps at top of pallet (ideally, they will be covered by the Pallet Guard label)

3. Apply Pallet Guard Label

  • Surface temperature must be MINIMUM +50F
  • Surface must be clean and dry
  • Remove the tamper evident label from the paper backing. Remove slowly to prevent prematurely triggering the tamper evident feature. The tamper evident feature is very sensitive.
    • Minimize touching the adhesive with your fingers (if your hands are dry, use hand lotion prior to handling the label), which will cause the VOID message to show
  • Apply the label at the intersection of the banding, ideally covering the banding crimps too

4. Record the serial number on the bill of lading and packing slip

Validation at Receiving Location

1. Confirm the Pallet Guard label is still in place

2. Compare the serial number of the Pallet Guard label to confirm it matches the recorded number on the packing list

3. Inspect the label for the VOID OPENED message. A large area showing OPENED VOID may indicate the strapping was removed and pallet compromised.

  • Small VOIDED areas in the label are not a concern; small voided areas are possible due to shifting loads during shipping and handling

4. Inspect the pallet for added banding crimps which are not covered by the Pallet Guard label. Unsecured banding crimps may indicate the pallet was compromised and the original strapping was replaced

5. For high security shipments, another option is to take pictures of the finished pallet, which documents the state of the pallet when shipped

  • Print out the pictures and apply to the side of the pallet, and/or
  • Email the pictures in advance of the shipment

Custom Imprinted Pallet Security Labels

Custom Imprinted Pallet Security Labels, 1 x 4 in, Red, S343B-29RE

Pallet Security Seal

Size: 1 inch x 4 inch

Code: S343B-29RE

Ready To Ship: 2 Weeks

Each label features your custom text, logo, and serial number, which is surface printed in black ink.

No Minimum Order

Pricing Formula:

  • Custom Text Only: No Extra Charge
  • Custom Logo/Graphic Artwork Prep: $35/Order (One-Time Charge)
  • Production Setup: $50/Order
  • Labels with Black Imprint: $0.15/Label
  • Optional Imprint Colors (Silver, Blue, Green): Add $0.03/Label
Typical Pricing (Red with Black Ink)
Qty (Labels) 100 1,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 25,000
$/Label $0.65 $0.20 $0.16 $0.155 $0.1525 Call
Total $65 $200 $800 $1,550 $3,050 Call

Typical Applications:

Pallet Security Labels
Pallet Labels Installed on Pallet

Pallet Security Labels
Pallet Label Over Crimped Banding

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