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For specific projects, we provide FREE samples for testing and evaluating our products prior to placing an order. Having actual samples allows you to evaluate the products to assure they will meet your needs.

Please complete the required information below to electronically submit your request. Providing specific information about your intended application helps us provide you the most relevant samples. When you click the SUBMIT REQUEST button, you will also receive an email copy of the sample request.

Your sample request will be acknowledged by a sales representative within one business day. If you complete a sample request and we do not confirm receipt by email or phone within one business day, please give us a call at 800-336-6636.

If you request an assortment of samples for multiple products, we will need more information on the specific projects before we fulfill your request.

USA Locations

Samples are sent to USA locations via FedEx Ground. If you need to ship via air express, include your air express carrier name and account number in the "Detailed Description" section.

International Locations

All samples must be shipped via air express using the customer's designated air express courier (FedEx, UPS, or DHL) and account number. Air express is reliable and provides a tracking number to confirm delivery.

The courier TNT is not an option. TNT does not provide service to Bowling Green, Ohio.

If you do not have an air express account, please fax us your credit card information (or wire transfer, PayPal, etc.) to pay for shipping and we will arrange the shipment.

All air express shipments are made via "international economy" service unless you request otherwise. Allow 6 business days for delivery via international economy.

If you purchase material or services from NovaVision anytime in the future, we will allow a 10% credit on future invoices to fully reimburse the cost of air freight (based on rates for international economy) you paid to get samples from us.

Educational Use

We’re sorry, but we do not provide free sample holograms for educational projects or science fairs. Here are typical applications of holograms that are readily accessible and can be used for educational purposes and science fairs:

Driver’s Licenses
Most state driver’s licenses have a transparent hologram over the variable information. Typically, this type of hologram is dot matrix or a 2D blaze. The hologram is usually customized with the state’s name for added security. The hologram is machine-applied by an ID card printer. The hologram is embossed into a clear laminate, which extends the life of the ID card by providing added protection for the ID photo and other printed information.

Credit Cards
VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express all have custom holograms.

Here are more details on the types of holograms used:

VISA: this hologram is a 3D model of a flying dove. As the viewing angle changes, the dove’s wings will change position slightly. This type of hologram is created by sculpting and painting the dove at the actual size shown. The final 3D model of the dove is then created on a laser table.

Mastercard: this type of hologram is a 2D/3D hologram. The globes in the foreground are in a separate layer, with a slight 3D effect (stereo gram). The globes are outlined with dot matrix circles for an added kinetic effect and contrast. Behind the globes are layers of text in different colors. The different colors of text are created by shooting the alternating text at two different angles.

For high security applications as credit cards, a hologram is one of several security features used on the cards. There is also microtext (use a magnifying glass to view the blue border outlining the VISA logo in the bottom right hand corner) and covert inks (invisible to the naked eye, but viewable with a UV black light).

NFL Licensed Apparel
All NFL licensed apparel has a hologram label, either directly applied to the garment or affixed to hang tag that is fastened to the garment.

Music CD
Some CDs have a tamper evident hologram label on the jewel case.

Computer Software
Some computer software have a tamper evident hologram label on the packaging. Microsoft typically includes a proprietary hologram on the CD.

Banknotes (paper money)
The Euro features a security-grade hologram. Use an internet search engine to search on "euro hologram" for more information or go to this web site: www.euro.ecb.int/en/section/recog.html

Promotional Holograms
Holographic packaging is becoming more commonplace. It enhances shelf appeal at the retail store, so cosmetics are a popular application. A visit to the cosmetic section of your local drug store or department store will often provide some good samples of holographic promotional packaging.

For more information about creating holograms, use a search engine to search "creating holograms".

What's Included?

For hologram labels and stickers, our standard sample packet includes a variety of stock silver and colored hologram images on polyester film; some are custom imprinted in ink with text (NovaVision’s name, “your name here”, etc) or a serial number. For custom imprinted orders, your labels will be imprinted with your custom text or logo.

For security labels and stickers, we include a variety of films and adhesive systems.

For holographic paper and board stock, the free samples are in sheets that are 8 inch x 11 inch. As an option, you can purchase individual full sheets. See the OVERVIEW section of product page for detailed pricing.

For other products, we customize the sample packet based on your specific request.

If you have a special need, please let us know. We can make free custom prototypes if we have all the materials in stock.

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