Economy Security Tape

Product Overview

The tamper evident tapes featured on this page are our economy tapes, which are constructed with polyester film (.001 inch thick), hot melt adhesive, and feature a partial adhesive transfer. They are designed to show tamper evidence within 1 hour on many surfaces.

These standard tapes perform best on non-porous surfaces (metal, glass, most smooth plastic, virgin cardboard, etc).

When used with cartons made with high recycled content, this tape may tear (or scalp) the carton surface without showing the hidden tamper evident message. Pallet films are also susceptible to tearing without tampering the tape. For these types of applications, we recommend our Premium Tape (PVT or EVT) or Standard Hot Melt Tape (PFT or EFT).

All tapes featured on this page are TSA-CCSP compliant.

Choosing Your Security Tape

Sealing Disposable Packaging or Reusable Container

When removed, the security tapes featured on this page transfer SOME of the adhesive to the surface. For disposable packaging (such as shipping cartons, pallet film, etc) the amount of adhesive residue left on the surface is usually not an issue. However, if the container or surface will be re-used, cleaning up the adhesive residue will be more difficult and time consuming for tape with a high residue formula. We rate this tape as leaving medium adhesive residue when removed. See the "Ease of Clean Up" recommendations (see below). If the container is NOT being reused, also consider our full adhesive transfer tapes (EFT/PFT and EVT/PVT series), which leave more adhesive residue on the surface.

Multiple Security Features

In addition to the tamper evident feature, you can choose tapes with addtional security features, such as:

  • Printed Serial Numbers: A unique number improves security. Record the number as needed for added security.
  • Plain Tape: No obvious signs that the tape is tamper evident minimizes attention to a package during shipping.
  • Printed Instructions on the Tape: Additional printing can serve as a deterrent to tampering.
  • Custom Printed Tape: Customizations improve security.

Features and Compatibility for Your Application

We recommend testing tape samples in actual conditions before product is ordered. We offer free samples so you can test and verify the selected tape will meet your specific needs.

Maximum Compatibility and Versatility

  • Surface Compatibility: Based on our lab tests and customer feedback, our tape performs on many non-porous surfaces.
  • Refrigeration and Freezer Applications: Our Economy tapes can be APPLIED in cold temperatures as low as +50° F.
  • Service Temperature: After application, our Economy tapes are suitable for service temperatures ranging from -50° F to +150° F.
  • Pricing: The Economy Tapes (on this page) are our most affordable tamper evident tape. Our Standard Tapes (PST/EST or PFT/EFT) are about 30% more expensive. Our Premium Tapes (PVT/EVT) are about 40% more expensive.

Roll Length

Stock tapes are offered in lengths of 164 and 180 feet, which will fit a standard tape dispenser. Longer roll lengths save time because of fewer roll changes.

We also offer larger rolls for machine application -- up to 3000 feet in length. For custom tape, we can make any roll length. Please call if you have a special roll length requirement.

Rolls over 250 feet in length have splices; the splice includes the tamper evident feature.

Application Rates - Manual and Automated

A typical application rate for tamper evident tape is 12 inches per second, which is usually slower than security packing tape or other standard tapes. Dispensing the tape at faster speeds may cause the hidden message to show before it is affixed onto the surface.

If you are applying tape using an automated tape machine, we recommend testing a sample roll (minimum 180 LF) of EVT/PVT tape before placing an order. Since our tapes are designed to easily show tamper evidence, the rollers on your tape machine may need to be modified to prevent the rollers from triggering the hidden security message (also it is possible that adhesive will accumulate on the rollers which contact the tape adhesive). Please contact us if your machine rolls have these issues and we will provide details on modifying the machine rollers.

Tape Conformity to Complex Shapes

The thinner film (1 mil thick) used with our Economy tapes makes them the most suitable for complex shapes and surfaces with multiple contours. Also, narrower tape widths conform better to contoured shapes.

Quantity Discounts

We offer pricing discounts for higher quantity orders. For the best value,we recommend purchasing at least 1 year's supply. When stored properly, our tapes have a minimum 2 year shelf life.

Low Minimum Order Quantities for Custom Printed Tape

Custom printed tape offers more security. We offer custom printed tape in low order quantities (minimum 160 rolls, 2 inch x 180 feet with a 10% quantity tolerance). For smaller custom orders of tamper evident tape, please see our other tape products (PVT/EFT, or PST/EST, or Security Tape on a Liner) which can be customized in lower minimum order quantities.

Fast and Friendly Customer Service

If you are unsure which tape best fits your needs, please send us an email or give us a call (see the contact info at the bottom of this page).

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Features & Benefits


Hidden Message: OPENED (May vary from graphic shown)

Printed Instructions on tape reminds receiver of security features:

  • Unique Serial Number
  • If resealed, printed text and/or diagonal lines may be misaligned

Pre-assigned Serial Number -- improves security; for added security record the serial number on the bill of lading.

Diagonal Alignment Lines (in or around the words SECURITY TAPE) are designed to show mis-alignment if the carton seal is slit and resealed.

Adhesive residue: Typically 50% or more of the adhesive remains on the surface. Those tapes marked "HIGH RESIDUE" will leave about 90% adhesive residue.

Security Tape Premium, Before Tampering Before Tampering

Security Tape Premium, After Tampering After Tampering

After application, when removed the security tape will self destruct, leaving words or symbols on the package and in the security tape itself.


  • Protects your products and equipment
  • Controls access to shipping cartons, pallets, and other containers
  • Indicates tampering or pilfering

Troubleshooting Guide

If the tamper evident feature is not working to your satisfaction, please review the Troubleshooting Guide for suggestions, or give us a call.

Product Configuration

Security Tape - 1 mil Film
Roll Width Roll Length Case Qty Case Size (in) Case Weight
2 in 164 ft 36 Rolls 13 x 13 x 8 20 lbs
2 in 180 ft 36 Rolls 13 x 13 x 8 21 lbs

Learn More

Specifications and Intended Use

Please see the Specifications and Intended Use for more details.

Installation Instructions

For installation instructions, see the Installation Guide.

Product Returns and Claims

See Ordering Info for more details.

Stock Economy Security Tape

Our stock economy security tapes are ready to ship the same day (must order by 2pm EST).

Economy Tamper Evident Tape, Red, 2 in x 164 ft, EST2R-36-164

Security Tape, Premium, Red

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2 inch x 164 Feet

Qty $/Roll
1 $18.95
6 $17.25
12 $16.95
36 $13.95

Add to Cart
Code: EST2R-36-164

Economy Tamper Evident Tape, Red, 2 in x 164 ft, 48 Rolls/Case, EST2R-177-164

Security Tape, Economy, Red

Full Adhesive Transfer

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2 inch x 164 Feet

Qty $/Roll
1 $18.95
6 $17.25
12 $16.95
48 $13.95

Add to Cart
Code: EST2R-177-164

Economy Tamper Evident Tape, Blue, 2 in x 164 ft, EST2B-36-164

Security Tape, Premium, Red

View Video

2 inch x 164 Feet

Qty $/Roll
1 $18.95
6 $17.25
12 $16.95
36 $13.95

Add to Cart
Code: EST2B-36-164

Economy Tamper Evident Tape, Yellow, 2 in x 164 ft, EST2Y-36-164

Security Tape, Premium, Red

View Video

2 inch x 164 Feet

Qty $/Roll
1 $18.95
6 $17.25
12 $16.95
36 $13.95

Add to Cart
Code: EST2Y-36-164

Economy Tamper Evident Tape, Red, 2 in x 180 ft, Serial Numbered, PST2R-36-180

Security Tape, Premium, Red

View Video

2 inch x 180 Feet

Qty $/Roll
1 $22.95
6 $22.75
12 $22.65
36 $22.55

Add to Cart
Code: PST2R-36-180

Recommended Surfaces for PVT and EVT tape:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Paperboard Boxes & Envelopes
  • Envelopes-Kraft Paper & Synthetic Film
  • Metal - Bare and Painted
  • Most Smooth Plastics
  • Wood - Painted and/or Sanded
  • Most Shrink Film
  • Most Textured Plastics
  • Stretch Wrap Film
  • Bare Wood
  • High Recycled Content (paper, some paperboard, some corrugated)
  • Corrugated Cartons with Moisture Resistant Coatings (wax, etc)

Ease of Clean Up:

  • Difficult

Recommended Cleaners:

  • 99% Iso-propyl Alcohol
  • Acetone
  • Citrus Based Household Solvents (Orange-sol, Goo-gone, Etc.)
Film '36' -- Clear Polyester, 1 mil (0.001 inch) thick
'36B' – Hazy Polyester, 1 mil (0.001 inch) thick
Tape Color Red (PMS 186C), Blue (PMS 298)
Text & Serial Number Black ink, repeats every 9 inches (unless noted otherwise)
Tape Edges Not tamper evident on both edges; Typically 1/16 inch
Hidden Pattern OPENED VOID (may vary from graphics shown)
Adhesive Residue Level When the tape is removed, at least 50% of the adhesive remains on the surface.
Splices in Roll Length Rolls 250 feet length or less: NONE
Rolls more than 250 feet: typically 1 splice (splice has tamper evident feature)
Core 3 inch Diameter (compatible with most hand-held dispensers)
Minimum Application Temperature +50°F
Service Temperature Range -40°F to +150°F
Custom Options

We offer custom imprinted security tape to meet your security and branding needs.

Custom Printed Tape:

  • Typical Minimum Order (2 in x 180 feet)
  • Minimum 160 rolls with 10% order quantity variance
  • Ready to Ship: 2 to 3 weeks
  • MORE INFO...

Please call for more details and ordering information regarding custom imprinted security tape.

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