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Product Overview

We offer 3 pallet seal systems to combat pallet tampering and pilferage:

  • Tamper Evident Pallet Labels — the most affordable system
  • CrimpGuard™ — Crimp Seals easy to install
  • ToppClip™ — our best pallet seal system

Thieves can easily access pallets with conventional banding and remove and replace that generic banding and metal crimps with little skill or effort. After the banding is removed, the contents can be removed and/or contraband can be added. Then new strapping and/or metal crimps are applied to replace the original strapping and crimps. The most effective way to protect pallet integrity is to add protection to the metal crimps which bind the strapping. Each of our pallet protection products allows offers a strategy for deterring and detecting tampering with palletized cargo.

E7.1 Tamper Evident Pallet Labels

Pallet Label

Our most affordable option for sealing a pallet uses our PalletGuard™ tamper evident labels, which are placed over the metal crimps used to secure the strapping. After affixing the strapping, peel and stick a PalletGuard label directly over the crimp and onto the surface of the pallet wrapping.

For added security, record the label serial numbers on the bill of lading.

The pallet labels will self VOID to indicate tampering when removed. Any missing or VOIDED labels indicate tampering.

  • Tamper evident labels with unique serial numbers.
  • Apply the label directly onto the strapping crimps, just peel and stick.
  • Self VOIDING label indicates tampering of the original crimps.
  • Missing labels indicates original strapping/crimps were replaced.
  • Typically a minimum of 2 labels are required per pallet.

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Stock Pallet Labels

Minimum Order 250 Labels
  • 250 labels @ $0.25/label
  • 1,000 labels @ $0.17/label
Ready To Ship Same Day (Order by 2pm EST)

*Additional quantity discounts apply

Custom Pallet Labels

Minimum Order None
Pricing $0.15/Label
Artwork Prep Fee $35/One-Time
Production Setup Fee $50/Order
Ready To Ship 1 Week

E7.2 ToppClip™ Pallet Security Seals

ToppClip Pallet Seal

Our best pallet seal is the ToppClip™ system. It is designed to secure the pallet by eliminating the generic metal crimps and added protection to the strapping.

The metal ToppClip™ is the key component of the system. The ToppClip™ is the only crimp needed to secure the banding. So the presence of any other banding crimps would indicate tampering.

Once applied, tampering or replacement of the banding connected to the ToppClip™ is extremely difficult without leaving signs of tampering.

A visual inspection protocol is essential to achieve the maximum effectiveness. The tamper evident warning label facilitates recording of the component serial numbers atop the pallet.

The shipper should record the seal serial numbers on the shipping documents. The receiver should verify the component serial numbers and look for other signs of obvious tampering.

  • ToppClips™ are our best pallet seal system
  • Specialized components with unique and matching serial numbers
  • The pallet banding is crimped at the metal ToppClip™
  • The use of standard crimps anywhere else indicates tampering
  • Broken or missing seals indicates tampering

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Stock ToppClips™


Minimum: 50 seals with punch

  • 50 seals @ $4.60/seal
  • Punch: 1 @ $160/each**

Minimum: 200 seals without punch

  • 200 seals @ $2.73/seal
  • Optional punch tool @ $160/each**
Ready To Ship Same Day (Order by 2pm EST)

*Additional quantity discounts apply

** Punch Tool sold separately

Custom Pallet Labels

Minimum Order 100 Seals
  • 100 Seals: $3.00/Each
  • 200 Seals: $2.75/Each
  • 800 Seals: $2.60/Each
Artwork Prep Fee $50/One-Time
Production Setup Fee $200/Order
Ready To Ship 2-3 Week

E7.3 CrimpGuard™ — Pallet Crimp Seals

Pallet Crimp Seal

The CrimpGuard™ seal secures the pallet by encapsulating the metal crimps, which are used to fasten the banding. After the pallet is strapped and crimped, a CrimpGuard™ seal is used to fully encase each and every metal crimp by removing the liner and folding on itself. Once applied, the tamper-evident CrimpGuard™ seal cannot be removed without either revealing “Open Void” or breaking at the tamper slits on both sides of the crimp. The presence of any other banding crimps (without a CrimpGuard™ seal) would indicate tampering.

The CrimpGuard™ seals have unique serial numbers. The shipper should record the serial numbers on the shipping documents and advise the receiver to confirm the presence of the CrimpGuard™ on all metal crimps.

The CrimpGuard™ seals are compatible with metal or poly banding ranging from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch width. No special tools are required to apply the seals.

Sold in packs of 50, or cartons of 250 seals. All seals are preassigned, unique serial numbers.

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