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Here is a sampling of what our customers say about our company, products and service. Other references provided on request:


Mar 2019 — Hey Bill, I Received the holos for this year and they are PERFECT! Thank you, as always, for being awesome.

Anna G.

Jul 2017 — Bill, WOW! That's what I call prompt service! Glad to see you still take great care of your customers.

Bonnie M.

Apr 2017 — Hi Bill, I enjoy working with you because you are always fast in responding and most importantly, our customers are pleased with your products.

Bonnie D.

Apr 2017 — Kelly, I received the hologram labels, thanks. The delivery was very fast and the product is excellent. I will be back for future orders.

Romulo A.

Apr 2017 — Kathy you're awesome! I had you on me list of people to contact this week! I do need the holograms again. Thanks for the timely follow up.

Stacy M.

Jan 2016 — Good morning Craig, I just wanted to let you know we received your shipment of red security seals today. Wow, what a packaging job! Very impressive, especially the styrofoam pyramid that was placed on top of the shipment to prevent top stacking. Our shipping team was impressed with it as well. Thank you so very much for getting the product to us so quickly and in such great condition. From working with you the past few years, it's obvious you take pride in what you do. It's evident in your delivery, every time.

Karen B.

Apr 2014 — Craig, just a follow up on your non residue labels, they performed exceptionally well on our airplanes at altitudes up to 24,000 feet at -12C and in the hot and humid climate of the Brazilian rainstorms

Jon R.

Apr 2014 — Michael, As always, you guys are a great partner. It is having vendors like you guys that keep me from listening to other pitches or going to other venders. We appreciate what we have with you all and hope to continue for many years to come. Thanks to Jimmy and rest of the finishing team in getting the order done so quickly.

Judy W.

Jan 2014 — Bill, I received the bar code labels yesterday. They look excellent! Thank you.

Timothy C.

Nov 2013 — Mike, Your warehouse guys do a really great job palletizing the product. The shipments always arrive in great shape. Thanks

Dan B.

Jun 2013 — I have received the Security seals today and they are great! Thank you very Much. We are very pleased with the product and your service. Thank you Eric and Kathy that you have made this happened. You did a wonderful job!

Tom P.

May 2013 — Hi Bill, Thanks for being in touch. We love your hologram labels! We use them for products we send to overseas clients. You can be assured we will order more

Robin R.

Apr 2013 — I ordered 5 rolls of tamper evident tape and it shipped in less than 1 day!! Awesome, you guys rock. Thank you for all of your help. Have a Wonderful day

Ann Marie J.

Feb 2013 — Good Morning Dean.....We received the security stickers yesterday and they look fantastic! The white custom graphics looks great. Thanks for being so quick and efficient!

Mary B.

Feb 2013 — Hi Brian.....You guys are the epitome of efficiency! If only all my vendors were like you - I'd still have a full head of hair. Just received stickers, looks great. I will be in touch on the next order. Thanks again.....

Ariel B.

Jan 2013 — Dean......I got the security labels. They're absolutely amazing, exactly what I was looking for! As soon as I start running low I'll be sure to email you for another roll. Thanks for everything and your company does a great job.

Bryan B.

Nov 2012 — John, We received the custom security labels yesterday. Great customer service, pricing, processing and delivery -- you all are the best. Thank you.

Melissa K.

Nov 2012 — Hi Dean, I got the security holograms and they're exactly what I was looking for -- they're perfect, thanks a ton. I'll email you when I'm running low and need more.

Bryson R.

Oct 2012 — Hi Dean, I received the hologram labels today. AWESOME! You have a customer for life. Thanks so much!

Graeme B.

Oct 2012 — Kathy, I just want to thank you so very much for expediting the production and shipment of the labels so that we could receive them in time for the end of our fiscal year. Your assistance and service have been absolutely amazing and I will surely recommend your company to all of our departments! You'll hear from us again when it is time to reorder.

Ginny K.

Sep 2012 — Dean, Thank you! Your service was outstanding and product looks great! Thank you again Dean... I will be sure to use your service for future business!

Matt A.

Sep 2012 — Eric and Kathy, You all are great to work with! I wish I had more reason to do more holograms to work with NovaVision more often, but please know that I will recommend you to anyone I know in need of hologram products. Thanks.

Jay F.

Aug 2012 — You are wonderful....as is your service.

Rob S.

Aug 2012 — Kathy, Thanks again for your great service. It is always an easy process when working with you. Wish everything went this easy. Have a great year.

Deb H.

Jul 2012 — Sue, You are the best and if I am ever asked if I know of anyplace to find supplies you will be recommended! Thanks again!

Jean S.

Jun 2012 — Sue, Thanks a bunch! It's nice dealing with someone that provides such good service!


Jun 2012 — Brian, I replicated last year's order for the same custom hologram labels. You held the price and shipped them the same day. You guys are great.

Matt M.

Apr 2012 — Michael, The tamper evident labels are outstanding. My guys said that the quality of the labels is awesome and that they really are tamper proof. I am really glad we purchase these labels from your company. We will be doing business with you guys for years to come.

Ronald S.

Mar 2012 — Your hologram products are awesome! Your service is A+. Thank you so much.

Greg C.

Mar 2012 — Hello Kathy, The hologram labels were received on time and in good order. I am very pleased with the job. Let me say thanks to you once again for going beyond the call for us.

Carol G.

Jul 2011 — Dean - Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service and great product quality. We will be ordering all of these again at various intervals for several years.

Travis B.

Jul 2011 — I just wanted to let you know we received all the labels! Everything looks great! Another job well done. Thanks for everything and the quick turn around.

Stacy A.

May 2011 — Kathy, thanks for the follow-up call. I'll definitely give you a call when we are ready to re-order. The stickers have held up wonderfully, the security feature and the hologram worked very well. Thank you again for all of your help.

Susan H.

Apr 2011 — Hi Dean -- Just wanted to let you know that we got the holograms today and are very pleased with them. They are great!!! Thanks so much!!!


Nov 2010 — Dave, The custom holograms just showed up. We really appreciate the service and the turnaround. I wish more companies were as easy to deal with as you guys.....Thanks

Derek K.

Nov 2010 — Mike, I was just wondering if I should call you to request the security tape to be shipped, but you beat me to it. Again, great customer service !! Wish you guys could teach my guys here about customer service !!

Glenn L.

Aug 2010 — Two years ago, we purchased stock holograms with a custom logo imprint from NovaVision. Using your imprint registry, you recently detected someone requesting an unauthorized copy of our logo and you contacted me to get my approval. I want to personally state how impressed I am with your attention toward protecting our logo and our security measures. Thank you again for your professional oversight of our customized logo.

Gene P.

Aug 2010 — Hi Mike, I received the samples of the Security Labels you produced. They seem to be behaving exactly as they are supposed to. They look great, & everything is good.

Denny W.

Aug 2010 — Mike, The custom printed, holographic, tamper evident stickers from NovaVision were exactly what I wanted! Customer service was great, I will definitely use NovaVision again when the need arises. Thank you.

Mike P.

Aug 2010 — Kathy, thanks for the extra effort on Friday to expedite our order. We received the carton on Saturday am and all is perfect. Thanks a bunch for going the extra mile!!

Craig F.

May 2010 — Dean, The hologram labels have been a huge hit. Thank you for following up.

Andrew C.

Apr 2010 — Dean, We love the SecureGuard non-residue labels; they are fabulous. Thank You!

Renee M.

Feb 2010 — Dean, Just a quick email to tell you and your team "Thank you"..those serialized acetate seals you made for us are just what we needed. Please, tell your staff and workers that we appreciate all the hard work, patience and their flexibility to work with us on these items. Stay warm and hope to do business with you again...

Bill C.

Dec 2009 — Mike, thank you for getting that last order out to us so fast. You all really saved the day, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated that.

Monique P.

Dec 2009 — Kathy, thanks for all the support! You guys at NovaVision have some great products and everyone is impressed with your work.

Greg W.

Dec 2009 — Sue, Got the samples, thank you. Just wanted to let you know I think your service is amazing, it is refreshing to deal with a company that can get things done! Thank you!

Jennifer W.

Nov 2009 — Mike, The laminated ID cards are working out great. Mike Shaffer was extremely helpful and professional in his dealings with us. I have passed along your company name as an outstanding vendor for future purchases

Laurie T.

Sep 2009 — Mike, We got the new custom cable seals with serial numbers. Thanks for making such a great product for us.

Kara K.

Jul 2009 — Hi Dean, I got the package. The holograms look great! I would like to thank you for the great customer response and product. I will definitely use NovaVision for all my hologram needs in the future.

Nash T.

Jun 2009 — Hi Dean - You're the best! NovaVision came through for us in record time -- 33,000 customized hologram labels in one day! Thank you so much.


Jun 2009 — Dean....The Hologram labels are the best! So easy and professional. We get complements all the time as we are using them on any donation or certificate card. Thanks, we will be ordering more in the near future.


Jun 2009 — Brian, I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that the hologram security labels are a rousing success. Very impressive looking and I received many nice comments on the level of professionalism they bring compared to our old methods. Thanks for your awesome reaction time. We pulled this series together in a matter of weeks and your help contributed to its success. Thanks again......

Scott G.

Apr 2009 — Holy Holograms, Batman!! I only use NovaVision holograms!!

Burt Ward, "Robin"


Burt Ward Signed Photo Burt Ward Signed Photo

Apr 2009 — Kathy, Thank you. You guys provide a superior product. I hope the business is doing good. I will continue to use NovaVision for future requirements....

Greg C.

Apr 2009 — Hi Dean, Just wanted to say thanks for getting those hologram stickers done for us. They look great!

Beth S.

Mar 2009 — Kathy, I received the hologram labels with our custom imprint. AWESOME! A million thanks! Thank you....

Doug C.

Mar 2009 — Kathy......We got the decals yesterday -- exactly 1 week from the day you said. Thank you. You and NovaVision do a great job. Thanks again for the prompt, reliable service. It's always a pleasure to do business with you.

Deborah H.

Mar 2009 — Hey Dean, Thanks for all your help. The hologram labels arrived very quickly and you have been great throughout the process. I will certainly do business with you and your company again. Regards.

Rob R.

Feb 2009 — Hi Dean- thank you so much for being so efficient. The hologram stickers arrived today- they are perfect. Hope to work with you again in the future.

Kell R.

Dec 2008 — Dean, I just got the custom stickers for the January show!!! They look FABULOUS!!!!

Stacy P.

Dec 2008 — Dear Kathy, Great hologram samples! This is one product that you absolutely have to see to purchase. Thank You.

Stephen A.

Nov 2008 — Kathy, My order arrived yesterday. I am very impressed with the speed and quality of your service and how quickly my order was processed. We will certainly use your services again and would gladly refer you to any one who would require your services. Once again thank you and I will be in touch with you again for a future order.

Leon B.

Oct 2008 — Dean, The hologram labels worked out perfectly as planned. I appreciate the quality of service and ease of creation and order processing.

Ted W., Wash DC

Sep 2008 — Dean, The hologram labels are working out very well! I am very impressed with how they look, and how well their adhesive and surface are holding up to sunlight, wear, and other abuse. Thank you for a fine product!

Gordon O, Wash DC

Sep 2008 — Mike, Thanks! We got the re-order of plastic security seals. I appreciate the ease of dealing with your company and you!

Chris S, Virginia

Aug 2008 — Hello Desiree, I don't need anything additional at the moment but I can assure you I will keep Novavision in mind when I am ready to re-order -- I have been very impressed with the attention and follow up I have experienced with your team.

Craig R.

Jul 2008 — I got the holograms. They are great. I can't wait to run out so I can order more!

Jason B.

Jul 2008 — Kathy, Thank you! Your customer service is excellent. I'll remember you when we have another opportunity to use your product. Thanks again!

Stephanie W.

Jun 2008 — Dear Mike, Once again, I am indebted to you for your efficiency and reliability. Thank you!

Michael M.

Jun 2008 — Hi Kathy. The hologram labels are working out great. They have been an excellent added touch of quality and validation for the items we are offering in the store. Customers really appreciate them and it adds value to the merchandise. It has also been a big step towards separating ourselves from the forgers and fakers.

Marc M.

May 2008 — Desiree, I just want to let you know we are satisfied with the product. We use them on our corporate aircraft which occasionally remain at international locations unattended and where the need is considered necessary based on security levels of concern.

Bruce F.

Mar 2008 — Desiree, The hologram stickers we purchased do a REALLY great job, and have paid for themselves a few times over.

Edgar T.

Feb 2008 — Sue, this is the first time I have used the online order system. I love it!!!

Paul B.

Feb 2008 — Dean, Thanks so much for getting those hologram stickers out the door so fast. Everyone loved them. I will definitely be looking to get more for future conferences. Again thank you.

Rob C.

Jan 2008 — Mike, I am writing to acknowledge Brian for his excellent customer service. Brian patiently walked me through the options on your website and helped me select the best product for my application. I just received the security seals and they are exactly as expected.

Gordon D.

Jan 2008 — Good morning Kathy, I received the holograms yesterday and they look perfect. Great look & size. The serial numbers will be a big help in keeping track of the items too. I am really satisfied with the work you and Novavision did on this, from start to finish. Thanks again.

Marc B.

Dec 2007 — Hi Dean, Thank you very much and I am very happy with the holograms. I will keep in contact with you when I am ready for a reprint. Thank you and all the staff at Novavision for a great job I will be in contact soon. Kind Regards.

Patrick, London

Nov 2007 — Dean I have just taken delivery of the hologram stickers. Many thanks to you and all at NovaVision for your assistance.

Peter B, Tanzania

Nov 2007 — NovaVision provided the optimal custom security labels for our needs. Quick and friendly service. Grazie,

Marino C.

Oct 2007 — Hi Dean, Amazing service - many thanks for all your help. I buy alot of stuff off the internet and safely say that I have received some of the best service from you. Thank you very much!

Antony Z.

Oct 2007 — Kathy, And this is why you are my favorite vendor! I was planning to go to China on Monday. On Thursday before my trip, I realized I needed another 2,000 customized holograms. You rushed the order and delivered the product on Friday before my trip. Thanks again.

Andrea G.

Sep 2007 — Dave, I just received the hologram labels and they look excellent -- even the packaging was impressive and professional. I tip my hat to you and thank you very much.

Bob F.

Sep 2007 — Dave, We got the custom hologram labels and all I can say is AWESOME!! We are very, very, very happy with the finished holograms. Thanks again. I appreciate everything you have done; it was very professional.

Derrick L.

Aug 2007 — Dean, I would like to thank your company on the promptness of the order. The customer really liked the hologram stickers. It was a pleasure to work with you and I'll definitely will use you for the next order. Thanks again,

Mike D.

Aug 2007 — Just a quick thank you for your prompt order and delivery we received the goods last week but I forgot to email you. Your online cart was simple and easy to use and we received the goods within about 5 working days to South Australia. Our sincerest thanks,

Peter R. Australia

Aug 2007 — Michael, Thanks so much for helping us with the cards. They look GREAT! Hope you have a great fall, and we'll be in touch in the spring. Also I gave your info to another campus that will probably be doing cards next year too. Keep up the great work!

Tim T.

Jul 2007 — Kathy, Thanks for keeping us informed. As always, thanks too for the quick service and information that keeps us on top of everything. It has been a very pleasant experience working with you each time.

Deb H.

Jun 2007 — Kathy, I appreciate everything you have done. You have been a dream to work with. Your Shipping Dept came through too.

Russ G.

Jun 2007 — Dave, We received the custom hologram labels today and they look great as I expected. I wanted to say again that it was a pleasure doing business with you and I will look forward to doing more in the future. Thanks.

Dennis P.

May 2007 — Hi Mike - I am ready to start my ID card orders for this year. I am not even going to get competitive bids as you were so helpful last year. You walked me through all my options and orders - thank goodness for that! I feel as though I know a lot more this year as we start this process again.

Cindie F.

May 2007 — Hi Dean, We received the labels last week. Thanks for your help... the job looks great!

Joyce D.

May 2007 — Mike, The custom ID card stickers arrived and were exactly what we needed.... I was impressed with the quality. Thank you again for submitting a quote and getting them to us so quickly. I appreciate your service. Thanks again.

Molly G.

Apr 2007 — Dean, The ID card overlays are working beautifully! Thank you so much. They are perfect.

Rene B.

Mar 2007 — Kathy, I have only ordered samples, and I am very impressed with your company's customer service already.

Mitchell D.

Feb 2007 — Hello Michael, I just wanted to let you know that you and your team at NovaVision did a great job on the VIP Club passes. Our board and clients where both impressed. Common responses to seeing the passes were "sharp" or "fancy".

April Q.

Feb 2007 — Dave, I wanted to let you know we received the custom hologram stickers just now and they look fantastic. We are very satisfied with them and I wanted to thank you for making the process as smooth as possible. It is not often that we get exactly what we want when ordering our marketing materials, so I was very pleased to find out that these are absolutely perfect. I am sure these will last them for about the next year or so, but when they run out, we will be in contact with you again. Thanks again.

Dennis P.

Jan 2007 — Hey Scott. I received the foil hot stamped labels late last week and they came out very good. Thanks so much for your assistance there. They came out just as I had hoped they would! Thanks again.

Michael K.

Dec 2006 — Sue, The thermal ribbons and labels worked great. I promise that when we need more, you will be the first person we will contact. Thanks for your devoted assistance; you truly have gone above and beyond.

Anthony D.

Nov 2006 — Dean - Just wanted to let you know we received the holograms yesterday. Everyone is very happy with them. Thanks for all your help.

Dee D.

Sep 2006 — Kathy, Excellent!. Prompt and Responsive. Thank you very much.

Robert G.

Aug 2006 — Thank you Kathy. Your company is the best!!

Jules S.

Jul 2006 — Hi Dean. I wanted to say "thank you" for the fast and friendly service that you have provided to me. You have been patient... throughout the whole process. What is the process to refer a friend to buy stuff from your company?

Debbie C.

Jul 2006 — Dean, Just got back from vacation and wanted to tell you that the hologram stickers came out great!

Carole F.

Jun 2006 — Hi Kathy, the labels arrived and, as I expected, they are wonderful better than I thought they would be! Your products are of very high quality. Thanks very much!

Chris D.

May 2006 — Received the order today. Perfection! Thank you very much. I'll be a customer again in the future, I'm sure.

Anthony A.

Mar 2006 — The hologram stickers arrived today, and they look great! Thank you again for your assistance and superb customer service.

Doug F.

Feb 2006 — The security tape has been great for both some luggage issues and aircraft security when we close it up overseas for a day or 2. Our flight engineers just love it! They can know assuredly that no one has been inside the aircraft and that is worth a great deal

Dave L.

Feb 2006 — Your 1-day rush service is AWESOME. Thank you.

Kylie W.

Jan 2006 — Kathy, Thank you so much for your speedy delivery. You have one happy customer here. I am very impressed with you and your company.

Theresa K.

Dec 2005 — I received the FedEx box of labels this morning. Excellent job on the labels. Your company did an excellent job.

Barbara S.

Nov 2005 — Hey Dean, the full color hologram magnets look great!!! Thanks for all of your help! We'll do this again next year.

Dave T.

Oct 2005 — Dean, the holograms are perfect! Thanks for the great service provided and we look forward to do more business with your company.

Ramon P.

Oct 2005 — Kathy, I received the labels & seals in the mail the other day and wanted to thank you. These labels have exceeded our expectations and your prompt, very personalized service, and high quality of labels has persuaded us to use your company for our future labeling needs.

Josh J.

Aug 2005 — The hologram labels are excellent! We are extremely pleased and will definitely use you guys in the future. Thanks for checking up on us!

Adam R.

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