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Links To Holography And Holographic Products

These links are provided as a convenient resource for unique and hard-to-find holographic products, services and information not available from NovaVision. Since we are not directly affiliated with these organizations, NovaVision does not recommend, warrant or guarantee the products or services of these websites.

Projected Holographic Images

Laser Magic ( specializes in various techniques to create the illusion of a holographic projection on a large scale. Projected images are 3D and moving in space. Typical displays are used in live performances for film and video effects and themed environments including casinos, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, etc.

Holografx ( uses a special lens technology to project animated images which float in space to create the illusion of a 3D hologram projection. Located in a kiosk or desk-top unit, the lens projects images about 2 feet, which is ideal for trade show displays or point-of-purchase displays.

Futuristic 3D Advertising Screen ( holds a Holographic Illusion of an image floating in space. Logos, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Special effects are all eye catchers that will draw potential buyers to your product.

Holographic CDs and DVDs

Vertigo Productions ( specializes in CD/DVD printing with an optional transparent holographic lamination; they also provide duplication services.


Holographic Gift Wrap

Various Vendors (via Google Products search)


Cell Phone Hologram Labels

Search the web for 'mobile phone holograms' or 'cell phone holograms' or 'polymer holograms'


Holographic Novelty Eye Glasses

House of Chuckles ( offers a variety novelty eye glasses, including several different versions of holographic glasses.

Also search the web for 'hologram sunglasses' or 'holographic novelty glasses'


Laser Light Show Equipment

HoloShop ( offers green laser pointers, light show equipment, fiber optic testers,hologram pictures, sun glasses, art, stickers and watches.


Holography Hobbyist Information

HoloWorld ( offers information regarding holography as a hobby. Also offers a holography talk show podcast.

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